Our PHILOSOPHY is this: Make quality motorcycle clothes and gear designed with the latest technology and with the modern rider's needs in mind. That is, we integrate special features into our equipment. Innovative ideas like large, robust and secure pockets for smartphones and tablet PCs, soft lined to prevent damage to screens and cases. The soft sided pockets are also great for slipping things in and out. Other features include battery backups, night/map lights, gun pockets and easy/quick access pockets. Other enahancements include wire guides and diaphragms for headphones and headsets. Overall, we like to include lots of pockets for all the gear you have.

We take the materials used in our products seriously, no imitations. We use
only genuine YKK zippers, and strive to use some of the most state of the art
and modern materials available, like waterproof and breathable Cordora,
lightweight, strong and available in many different great looking colors.
The leather we use is only the best quality
Grade A Genuine 100% Leather in either Buffalo or Cowhide,
depending on the model. The protective armor we use
is also state of the art, and is CE certified.
Available in either soft or hard styles.

We continue to strive in our efforts to produce even better
products each time they are manufactured, so
we can incorporate new ideas, or a better design
to a model, so our products are always
improving. We value the feedback from our
customers and have used this insight in changes
to future models. We recognize the differences
that riders and racers need, and we have
accommodated both styles with models that
fit the different needs of the
different rider styles.